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Tonstad isn’t a very big town. Tucked against rocky cliffs in southern Norway, it has a grocery store, a bakery, a peaceful lake, narrow twisty roads, sheep ranging through bucolic pastureland, and a 30 point biathlon range. It also has some very talented visitors.

The French biathlon and xc ski teams have become a familiar presence at the Sirdal sports school every July leading up to the Blink Rollerski Festival. This year another group of international visitors has joined them, a group I am grateful to be part of. We have been calling ourselves the International Biathlon Team.

Organized by the Canadians and Norwegian shooting coach Joar Himle, our small group has athletes from four different countries, including 3 world championship medalists. We are united by our desire to become the best biathletes we can be. We are here to learn as much as we can from the staff as well as from each other. Along the way we’ve been able to do some training with the French team and Norwegian women’s team. Tomorrow everyone will travel to Sandnes together to compete at the Blink Festival.

IMG_1182.JPGOur International Biathlon Team, L to R: Matthias Ahrens (Canadian coach from Germany), Brendan Green (Canada), Nathan Smith (Canada), Katja Yurlova (Russia), Kaisa Mäkäräinen (Finland), myself, Rosanna Crawford (Canada), Joar Himle (shooting coach, Norway). Not pictured, Megan Tandy (Canada). Several of these photos courtesy of Matthais Ahrens.

IMG_1193.JPGAn afternoon ski with Katja and Rosanna

IMG_1179.JPGRunning back to town from the shooting range

IMG_1194.JPGTeam relay drills together with the Norwegian ladies

IMG_1180.JPGAgility and coordination drills

IMG_1187.JPGRollerskiing with Megan and the Norwegians

IMG_1191.JPGKatja enjoying the scenery

IMG_1188.JPGRosanna hiking toward the famous Kjeragbolten rock

DSCN5580.JPGThe Kjeragbolten, suspended between cliffs 1000 m directly above the Lysebotn Fjord. This picture is actually from last year. After climbing out on this rock once and getting shaky legs, I resolved I’d never to do it again.

IMG_1183.JPGExploring the roads above Lysebotn with Katja and Kaisa. We saw patches of snow.

IMG_1197.JPGAn outing with the French to our host Frode’s farm

IMG_1196.JPGThe French men enjoying a volleyball match in their spare time


IMG_1190.JPGView from the sports school where we are staying


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